Something I’d like to do to change in my life (101 Challenge)

I drink too much but recently I was barred from my local pub which believe was a very good thing as I now drink less. I was barred because I’d had too much to drink, well I had been there a long time and I do not recall what happened, all I remember was a friend of mine inviting me to his place (as he is in the airforce and being posted abroad), but I declined as I’d had too much to drink.
The next thing I recall was being shown out of the pub by the bouncer.
In the end I had to call the manager and find out what I’d done to her. I apologised and was told that I’d touched her up and thrown her drink away.
I spent about a month being barred and a friend of mine got me back into the pub, so now I’m only attempting to pop in for a coffee and trying to find other things to do.
Hence I’m on this blog and carrying on with my walks around London.
As for drinking it is as someone once said, ‘Everything in moderation.’


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